[07-16] Multiple gift for Conquer Online - Poker Club

From July 16th to September 16th, heroes can get multiple reward by downloading Conquer Online Poker Club and meeting request as below! 1. Download Reward During the event, heroes can get 30 days 1% Song of Despair(B) and 500 CP(B) in CO by downloading and creating a character in Conquer Online Poker Club. 2. Play CO Pker Reward Play Poker in Conquer Online - Poker Club can get 1000 CP(B) and a Gold Bag which can receive Silver twice a day. 3. Share Reward Heroes can get 3 Bright Star Stone in CO by Inviting 3 heroes to log in the event page and bind Conquer Online Poker Club character.

[03-24] Tempest Wings

Tempest Wings

[03-22] Celestial Chest

Celestial Chest

[06-17] New Purchase Option, iPhone Conquer Coming Soon!

As fall sets in and the coolness of the weather really gives us a refreshing start in the game, the CO team is focused on bringing more features and content to the players in the community! The good news is, a new purchase option will be implemented to the game in the next few updates.

[06-17] Treasure Basin II Winners Revealed!

Since we're now entering the tenth month of the year, Treasure Basin II has come to an end! Were you fighting till the very last second? Did you manage to knock out someone ahead of you in the rankings off the spot? Now that everything is said and done, let's take a look at the final rankings!

[06-17] Version 2099: Guild Contests

We're glad to announce that the version 2099 for iPad Conquer Online will be released, following the routine maintenance on October 10th, 2013.

[06-17] Version 2098: Treasure Basin II

We're glad to announce that the version 2098 for iPad Conquer Online will be released, following the routine maintenance on September 19th, 2013.

[06-17] Treasure Basin Winners Revealed!

Despite the mix-up with the previous announcement about the winners, the CO team is glad to announce the list of winners for Treasure Basin, without any hiccups!